Carter Jonas LLP – Security Warning
You are about to access networks and systems provided by a Carter Jonas company for the conduct of its business. IF YOU ARE NOT AUTHORISED BY CARTER JONAS TO ACCESS THESE NETWORKS AND SYSTEMS YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY STOP AND CLOSE DOWN AND / OR LOG OFF, AS APPROPRIATE, SO THAT THE COMPUTER YOU ARE USING IS SECURED FROM FURTHER UNAUTHORISED USE. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, contract termination and / or criminal prosecution. If you are authorised by Carter Jonas to access these networks and systems, your use of them will be subject to conditions of use, as set out in ‘Access Control Policy’ Standards within the Information Technology Security Management System. By continuing to use these networks and systems you confirm that you are aware of the conditions of use and agree to comply with them. Carter Jonas reserves the right to monitor and / or record the use by any person of Carter Jonas networks and / or systems and to take action as appropriate to ensure such use complies with the conditions of use.